The Kanga Kwik Room is our most affordable and quickest way to get a Kanga Room on your property.  The Kwik Room makes the perfect backyard office or studio and is your best solution to getting the space you need!


For residents within the state of Texas, you have the option for Kanga Room Systems to Install your Kanga Room.


Kwik Rooms are available as shell kits, installed shells (Texas only) and turnkey (Texas only) buildings. Shell kits consist of the exterior material building and the Kanga cabin or dwelling will look complete from the exterior upon local install completion with only the pine tongue & groove ceiling cover and exposed studs on the inside. Installed shells are essentially the shell kit installed by Kanga Room Systems in Texas. Turnkey buildings are move-in ready Kwik Rooms that are completely finished on the inside and out with electrical, flooring, wall cover,  and light fixtures. 

Basic Shell Comes with

  • Stone and Skid Foundation (not included in kit pricing)
  • 2x4 Construction on 16" centers
  • 2x6 Rafters w/ 7/16" OSB Roof Decking
  • R19 Roof Insulation (not included in kit pricing)
  • Pine T&G Ceiling Cover w/ Clear Coat
  • 8" Hardie Lap Siding (painted color of choice)
  • 36" Steel Door w/ full lite glass (Front entry models get 60" French Doors)
  • Side Entry models only include the triple windows with cedar accent
  • Steel Transom Window Frame with Single Pane Glass
  • All Other Windows are a la carte
  • 8" Galvalume Flashing
  • R-Panel Metal Roof
  • Skirting (up to 2')
  • 60" Entry Steps (install only)
  • Installation (only within state of Texas)
  • Does not include any fees associated with permits

Additional Install Options (Texas Only)

  • Open Joint Siding        
  • 7' Side Deck 
  • 7' Side Porch Cover 
  • 7' Front Deck
  • 44" Extended Overhang on Front Wall
  • 10' Breezeway Deck and Cover to Connect Multiple Kangas
  • Cedar Accent Siding
  • Birch Plywood Wall Cover with R13 Insulation
    • Pre-finished or Painted
  • Pine T&G wall cover with R13 Insulation
    • Clear-coated, Whitewashed, or Painted
  • R13 Floor Insulation 
  • R30 Ceiling Insulation 
  • Double Pane Glass for Transom Windows
  • Other Hardwood Options 
  • Wall Unit with Heat & Cool
  • Mini Split AC/Heating System
  • Light Fixture & Wiring Packages 
  • Electrical Hookup 

Kit Information

Kwik Room kits are available for DIY-ers in Texas and most other states (some limitations apply). Most of our kit customers have chosen to have local contractors assemble their Kwik Rooms.          

All kits include pre-framed walls, panelized roof material (rafters, decking, galvalume metal roof cover, flashing, and insulation),         our standard pine T&G ceiling cover, lap siding, house wrap, and windows and doors to your specs. Everything in the kit is pre-cut and panelized, except the siding, and ready for a speedy onsite install.  

Due to the stick-built nature of our prefabbed product, all electrical wiring and painting must be completed onsite by you or your contractor. We are able to send the majority of the material for the buildings (i.e. skid/pier & beam foundation platform, decking, wall cover, flooring, light fixtures, HVAC wall unit, etc...), but it is usually more cost effective for you to buy those materials locally. Please note that we do not typically send foundation or deck material with the kits. That is definitely a number one item that is time & cost efficient for you to complete while your kit is being prepared for shipping.