Modern Cabins & Dwellings

What's the Difference?

Kanga Cabins are designed to be placed in the country or in areas where there will be no required inspections by a local building authority.  If site access allows, the cabin can be trucked in nearly fully assembled, required very little on-site time.  Currently the floorplans for dwellings and cabins are identical, although Kanga will be developing plans specifically for cabins that do not have some of the restrictive, space-wasting reqirements sometimes demanded by city code.


Kanga Dwellings are designed for locations that will require a full on site building inspection of the structure.  These are generally located inside a City Limits although there are some areas in City Limits and Towns where a full on site inspection may not be required. Currently the floorplans for dwellings and cabins are identical.

Plans & Pricing

About Cabin & Dwelling Pricing:  Pricing for cabins and dwellings and are different.  Next to each plan you will see an average cabin cost and a range for the dwelling cost.  The cost of a dwelling is higher due to many factors involved with building in a city and going through an inspection process with significantly more on-site build time. Costs of cabins and dwellings can also vary simply by the options that are choosen, i.e. flooring type, number of windows, decks, porches, etc.


A Cabin or Dwelling's most basic form is a shell. A shell is a fully dried in building.  When installed, it is completely finished on the exterior.  The interior is left with stud walls and plywood or OSB floor decking.  Pine T&G ceiling cover with R19 roof insulation is included in the shell price.

Comes with:

  • Fiber Cement Lap Siding
  • Windows and Doors as shown in elevations
  • Lighting and electrical as shown on plan
  • Bamboo Hardwood Flooring
  • Upper and Lower Kitchen Cabinets w/ pulls
  • Maple Countertop
  • 30 or 40 gallon electric hot water heater
  • Bathroom: (Vanity, Faucet, Mirror, Bath Hardware, Toilet, Fiberglass Corner Shower or Tub Shower Combo)
  • Solid Core interior doors
  • Interior Walls as shown on plan
  • Wall Paneling R13 wall insulation
  • Pine T &G Ceiling Cover w/ R19 ceiling insulation
  • Installation/Delivery within Kanga service area (state of Texas)
  • Other delivery or service charges may apply outside of this are

Additional Options

  • Open Joint Siding        
  • 6’ Side Deck 
  • 6' Side Porch Cover 
  • Cedar Accent Siding
  • Birch Paneling w Trim (painted or clearcoated) 
  • R13 Floor Insulation 
  • R30 Ceiling Insulation 
  • Bamboo Flooring 
  • Wall Unit w Heat
  • Mini Split AC/Heating System
  • Light Package                                                                     (includes 2 exterior lights & one interior light or fan)
  • Wiring Package                                                                 (includes wiring for lights, outlets per plan, and outlet for AC)
  • Additional Windows