Who We Are

Kanga Room Systems, Inc., is North America’s premier designer and manufacturer of revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms and accessory structures used for home, ranch, business, and industrial sites.

We feature a variety of cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage, and children's playhouses, and playrooms available as build-it-yourself prefabricated kits or we'll assemble it for you with our premium installation services.

"Most of the time we need 'just one more room,'"

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Why Kanga?

Home or Business…As our lives change, our need for living space, storage space, office space and play space also changes. Most of the time, we need “just one more room,” additional space for a guest, a project, or storage. Many times, we wish for a space of our own, our own office, our own art studio…a reading room…a special getaway.

Is your business is rapidly expanding or responding to change?  If it is, the last thing you want to worry about is having sufficient office space.  Is your family expanding and you need just a little more space in your home? The design experts at Kanga Room Systems can meet any need in any condition, from a peaceful backyard to a booming industrial site.  Whether you need one Kanga Room or many, we can find a solution that will work for you.

Kanga Room Systems is very happy to serve customers in Home, Ranch, Industrial, and Business arenas, with many practical applications.  Who doesn’t need a beautiful, easy, “almost instant” add-on room? 

"We've completely re-visioned the potential of outdoor rooms, maintaining a high aesthetic  and using only the highest quality of materials"

Designing for Change  

Kanga Room Systems offers revolutionary design in small outdoor buildings for the changing ways people live and work.  Kanga Room Systems, Inc., is founded on 30 years of engineering expertise in production and manufacturing.  We offer market-driven solutions for today’s small build and storage space needs.  Our watch words are: Quality, Integrity, and Vision.  Our amazing staff of engineers, designers, and builders design ahead of trends, and utilize eco-conscious materials.  

Drawing from generations of family ranchers, engineers, and builders, the professionals at Kanga Room Systems have watched for decades as the American Dream of home, work, and family dramatically changes.  We’ve gleaned our design clues from these shifting fundamentals, letting the evolving market drive our innovations.


As a result, we’ve completely re-visioned the potential of outdoor rooms or “accessory structures” to make them not only more usable, but also easy to ship anywhere and assemble on any site all while maintaining a high aesthetic and using only the highest quality of materials.  The professional engineers and designers at Kanga Room Systems have reconceptualized shelters, sheds, and other small building and micro structures to the highest standard of materials, design aesthetics, and component craftsmanship, yet our kits remain quick to assemble and fairly portable.  Customer feedback tells us that we are far exceeding their expectations by meeting their ever-changing needs for living and storage space.

Design. Quality. We're green. We Listen.

Company Values


Made in Texas…  Centrally located, We proudly serve the Austin and Dallas areas and have the ability to ship state and nation-wide.  Kanga Room Systems products represent well-engineered components, high quality construction, and high aesthetic value.  Whether you need more space, or choose to live in a smaller, more efficient space, our product line encourages smart living and “better smaller living.”

Kanga Room Systems was created to fill a void in the quick shed/cabin kit/small building market. The add-on shelter industry was missing a sector of consumers needing uniquely aesthetic and quality-built structures in their backyards and on their land.  Our formula for creating additional “space for living” in unique styles has been validated worldwide by enthusiastic customers.  We designed for solution and embrace aesthetic “smaller living.”  Kanga Room Systems… It’s not down-sizing, it’s dream-sizing.


We chose the kangaroo to symbolize our company and product because of its strength, agility, and unique capacity.  Just as the mother kangaroo’s pouch naturally “makes a portable home” for its young, our design goal is to make add-on rooms feel like a natural extension of your home.

At Kanga Room Systems, we’ve branded our product at a much higher standard than any other pre-fab product on the market.  Our product is unsurpassed for well-engineered component quality, aesthetic appeal, and choices of style.  Industry-wide, we offer more aesthetic value and better workmanship in a “smaller build” wood shelter kit product than any other builder or pre-fabricator.   

"Better Smaller Living"

We're Green

Our Green Commitment: Made in USA, Made in Texas: Kanga Room Systems is deeply committed to producing eco-conscious, energy efficient products, using sustainable materials wherever possible.  Our on-staff environmental designer continues to look for new ways to “go green” while managing the smallest possible environmental and manufacturing footprint, all while maintaining an affordable price that we can pass on to our customers.

We listen 

We respond as our customers continually as they tell us what they do and do not want.  They do not want the hassle of remodeling or getting a loan.  They do want a fairly fast solution and fully-functional single room unit that feels like a natural extension of their home.  Kanga Room Systems feature architectural design, systematic engineering of components, and full testing by professional contractors before it ever reaches your home.  As a result of our intensive front-end process, our product is way more than a shed and way more than a kit.  As such, you can order our kit, save money and assemble it yourself, or order it with our turn-key installation and we'll assemble it for you.  Our signature service shows in every polished detail.

We are proud of our growing customer base across North America in housing, business, industrial and storage markets utilizing a full array of our very own MADE IN USA, MADE IN TEXAS products.  Our structures are beautiful, useful, aesthetic and pleasing to both women and men.  In an over-commoditized, global marketplace, our product quality, driven by family pride and engineering expertise, is unsurpassed.  We are very proud of another key differentiator: true customer service.